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Anita Zager’s Reading List

February 21, 2011

At our Faith Forum on February 20, Anita Zager, long-time owner of Northern Lights Books and Gifts, shared her experience as a book store owner with us.  She also shared with us highlights of her reading life, including a list of books that have been meaningful and enjoyable to her.  Here is her list:

Anita Zager’s Reading Life
Nancy Drew
Boxcar Children
Charles Dickens
Chaim Potok
Classics – Shakespeare, Greek Mythology – High School

Confirmation – Biblical Literacy
College – Old & New Testament Classes
Barclay Bible Study Series taught by Bev Ramstad
Dakota Kathleen Norris
When Bad Things Happen to Good People Harold S. Kushner
Man’s Search for Meaning Victor Frankl
Let Your Life Speak Parker Palmer
Siddartha Herman Hesse
Christianity For the Rest of Us Diana Butler Bass

Sigurd Olson – Singing Wilderness, Listening Point, etc.
Eric Sevareid, Canoeing With the Cree
Grace Lee Nute – Voyageur’s Highway, etc.

The Long Walk – Slavomir Rawicz
Three Cups of Tea – Greg Mortenson

To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress Sijie Dai
Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials Trilogy”
Harry Potter

Tony Hillerman
British Classics
Scandinavian Noir
Colin Cotterill (Coroner’s Lunch)
William Kent Krueger

Historical Fiction
Patrick O’Brien
Dorothy Dunnett “Lymond Chronicles”

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Community Event February 13 1:30 pm

February 8, 2011

We Love Duluth

Join us in love and friendship Feb. 13 for:    A Community Event in Support of LGBT Marriage Equality

Who:       All supporters of marriage equality

What:  Help form a giant Valentine’s Day heart!
Images will be made available to the media; a video will be released on YouTube in time for Valentine’s Day. Check back here. Let’s go viral!
When:      Sunday Feb. 13, 2011       Gather: 1:00 p.m.      Photo: 1:30 p.m.
Where:     Parking lot, First United Methodist Church- “Coppertop” Church
230 E. Skyline Parkway, Duluth
Handicap accessible.
Why:         To support marriage rights for all!
Dress:      Wear red! Dress for the weather
Contact:   Gary Anderson, 218/391-7404,

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Students offer hugs at Westboro protest –

February 4, 2011

from the United Methodist News Service, Feb 1, 2011

A group of United Methodist students at American University in Washington, D.C., met hate head-on when members of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church came to their campus Jan. 14.

They did it with love, poetry and hot chocolate.

Westboro, a small church in Topeka, Kan., known for picketing military funerals and college campuses with signs like “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers,” threw down the gauntlet with a press release announcing plans to picket the United Methodist-related institution.

The headline on the release screamed: “WBC will picket the fag-infested, pervert-run American University.”

News of the planned picket spread quickly across the campus and soon some students were calling for aggressive counter protests.

In the midst of the fury, Carly Jones, a member of American’s United Methodist campus ministry, saw a golden opportunity.

She sent out a post on Facebook: “In light of recent news that WBC is coming to AU to picket next Friday, I would like to suggest that the United Methodist Student Association use this event as an opportunity to display our love and inclusiveness to the campus community and to this hate group.”

At the same time the Rev. Mark Schaefer, United Methodist campus minister at American, was also worrying about the negative response he was hearing. He was thinking about nonviolent alternatives like offering cookies and hot chocolate to all that gathered on that chilly afternoon.

Things started converging when Tara Culp-Ressler, another student, told Schaefer about “God Loves Poetry,” a national campaign that takes the hate-filled press releases sent out by Westboro and changes them into poems.

By blacking out many of the angry words in Westboro’s press release, Culp-Ressler changed the remaining text into a love letter from God: “American University will see truth, the face of God. Your God shall be in thine heart. Teach thy children that simple commandment: God is love.”


Read the whole story hereStudents offer hugs at Westboro protest –

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