Coppertop Sermons

Even Higher

Sermon preached June 26, 2011

Texts: Matthew 10:40-42

Don and Janet, my dad’s uncle and aunt, were among my favorite relatives growing up. They owned a modest home in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Don worked in the maintenance department at the high school, Janet was a school cook. Whenever my family visited, they always had

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Dance With Me

Sermon preached June 19, 2011

Texts: Genesis 1:1-5, 26-31; 2:1-4; Matthew 28:16-20

Dance With Me, Orleans, 1975

So… How did I get from Genesis 1 and Matthew 28 to a song from 1975 stuck in the jukebox in my brain? We may not have sufficient time this morning to solve that mystery, but

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Sermon Preached June 12, 2011

Texts: John 7:37-39; Acts 2:1-21

Look! He’s not wearing a tie, not even a dress shirt. Sure he’s trying to cover it up with that sport coat, but we know. We can see. I guess now that the bishop has appointed him as our pastor for a seventh year

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After Jesus

Sermon preached June 5, 2011

Text: Luke 24:44-53

This past week I attended Annual Conference. It is the annual meeting of clergy members of the Minnesota Conference of The United Methodist Church, mostly pastors but chaplains as well, and lay members from every United Methodist congregation in Minnesota. Dale Stahl represents you well as

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