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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the M*ns Retreat But Were Afraid To Ask

August 29, 2013

Men’s Retreat – All you need to know

On Sept. 20, 21, and 22 all of the men are invited to a Men’s Weekend.  We will host a campsite with where all men are invited to participate and attend.  This will be a “no charge”/”free weekend”

Unlike other similar events of this type, this Men’s weekend will be held within 25 miles of the church. We’ll be camping at the end of the Carroll Trail just above Island Lake on the Rice Lake Road.  Easy to follow directions are available. This is a drive in site.  You can park and walk right up to the campfire.

Men’s Weekend/Camping/gathering (within 25 miles of the church)

The main purpose is to get to know each other and the opportunities that we have to be a part of FUMC. There are several in the congregation with campers.  Some of us have already stepped up to the plate and offered to attend with campers.  So, if you don’t like the idea of sleeping in a tent or on hard ground, there will be accommodations to meet your needs.

Because the campsite is within 25 miles of the churchIt’s close enough that you can attend for part or all of the weekend and….go home if you want.

This allows for self treatment of “male closeness syndrome”.  If you’re uncomfortable, or just not used to that sort of thing, you can come and go, but more importantly it adds a dimension of flexibility.

The openness of the weekend allows those who are new to FUMC to test the water.  Chester Park folks, etc.  The location accommodates those who work on the weekend to participate and work as well.  By keep the event within twenty five mile of the church, you can still be a part of the Men’s Weekend and accommodate other family responsibilities during the weekend.

The Men’s Weekend allows for artificial hips, shoulders, knees, C Pap machines, etc. If you prefer to sleep in your own bed and participate during the day, we welcome that.

There will be electricity, user friendly plumbing, and running water.  Weather may change the complexion of the weekend but if it’s too cold, rainy, or windy, you’re less than twenty five miles from the church and can seek the comfort of home.


All food would be prepared.  There’s no need to bring anything besides snacks and your favorite beverage.  Potato chips, pretzels, and mixed nuts from the grocery store would qualify as snacks.  Make sure our wives aren’t responsible for “making bars”

Event planners will plan and prepare meals. This would be a great opportunity if you are looking for a way to contribute and participate. There will be a demonstration on how to properly bake apple pies over a campfire in case the Chester Park folks want to find out.

There may be a friendly apple pie baking competition between our new members from Chester Park and some of the Copper Top Men who camp together regularly.  The rules and competition time will be mutually agreed upon, but clearly will favor experience.


Campfire……………..large fire with a large circle of chairs around it.  Discussions, stories, suggestions, jokes, snack food. Facts have never gotten in the way of a good story around our campfire.

At a couple of points in the weekend (when the most men are present) we’ll do a sample “First and Ten” meeting and a sample “Tuesday Morning Men’s Group” meeting.  This would allow those present to experience the groups without actually attending and allow you to be a bit anonymous.

Nobody will have to hold a stone to talk.  Although, “long winded” folks may have to wear a Bark Collar after the 2nd offense.

There will be a small work project for everyone to participate in.


You’re welcome to bring whatever toy you’d like to.  Safety and responsibility must prevail.

There will be on site access to Canoeing, boating, fishing, biking, hiking,  ATV’s, etc for personal time away from camp.

Relaxed schedule 

Nap time

Come and go as you please

“Well mannered” dogs and friends are also welcome to attend.


We’ll have a couple of pre-determined topics available for when the conversation wanes.

Weekend Menu

Friday Dinner
(Served around 6:30)

Fish fry, hush puppies, cole slaw, mystery vegetable, rhubarb cream pie.

Saturday Breakfast:  Egg bake with sausage and bacon.  Breakfast will be served when most of us wake up.

Saturday Dinner
(Served around 6:30)

Pulled smoked pork, baked beans, smoked baked potatoes, apple pie, ice cream

Sunday Breakfast:  To be announced but most likely will contain leftovers and eggs.

We’ll need to plan our food.  So…….if you’d like to attend all or part of the weekend, call the church office at 218-727-5021 or Ron Yardley at 218-393-6041.  Be prepared to tell us which meals you’ll want to eat with us and if you plan to “camp” either night.

Have your questions ready and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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