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Introducing our new pastor

February 6, 2017

Rev. Jeanine Alexander is a Duluth native and a graduate of Duluth Central and UMD. Here she shares her vision of the church and call to, mission for, and gifts for ministry. Her assignment to FUMC Duluth will begin in June.


  • B.A. (Psychology major, Philosophy minor) from the University of Minnesota-Duluth
  • MDiv from Bethel Seminary (with final year of courses taken at United Theological Seminary)

Appointment History

  • Minnetonka United Methodist Church in Minnetonka, MN – 2012-present
  • Cross Winds United Methodist Church in Maple Grove, MN – 1999-2012
  • Lake Harriet United Methodist Church in Minneapolis, MN – 1993-1999 (Associate Pastor)

Vision of the Church

In order for church to thrive it must have a missional spirit in everything we do – focusing outward first and inward second, thus emphasizing kingdom building more than church building. My vision for the church is to empower leaders, and all participants, to live out their faith in daily actions and to see every aspect of their lives as being tied to spiritual matters.

The church is a people who are called to be Christ’s presence in the world. The church is a place where participants come together and have the opportunity to find and experience the inner wholeness/salvation our hearts yearn for. The church has the amazing opportunity, and calling, to offer the world God’s gift of wholeness and healing.

We are called to change the world by reaching new people, cultivating spiritual vitality and healing a broken world!

 Call to Ministry ­­­-

I have chosen to be a United Methodist Christian and pastor – deeply appreciating the combination it provides of a warm heart, strong intellect/theology, and emphasis on active mission and social justice. My ministry experience has served to confirm my call, strengthen my enthusiasm and passion for ministry, and provide opportunity for personal growth. During times of joy, success and celebration in ministry I can’t believe I’m paid to be able to do this wonderful work. In times of crisis, disappointment and difficulty it is my deep, clear call that keeps me focused, centered, and moving forward.

Passion for Ministry

I am passionate about helping people grow into, and live out, their faith. I find joy in inviting people into ministry and encouraging them to experiment, try new things, change, grow. I excel at guiding the congregation to connect all the aspects of their daily living to the spiritual … guiding the congregation to have a missional spirit in all we do. Being invited into people’s intimate circles to extend the presence of Christ is an amazing privilege. I am passionate about guiding the church to focus on their strategic direction and carry out their ministry most effectively.

Gifts for the Ministry

I have consistently evidenced ability and effectiveness in numerical, financial and spiritual growth in the churches I have led. I am passionate about reaching new people.

My energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the ministry of the local church are gifts for ministry. I’m excited about God, faith issues, the church, gifts of people in the congregation, and joining with others in mission and social justice. My excitement is contagious, invites others into ministry, and brings about spiritual and numerical growth.

One of my strongest gifts is creative preaching using a sermon series model. I have the ability to preach to a diverse congregation – theologically, socially and spiritually.

I am able to easily form strong relationships with people of all ages including connections with children/youth/young adults. I have a passion for ministry to youth. Even as a lead pastor, I spend time interacting with youth both by teaching confirmation and in individual pastoral care with young people.

Other gifts include developing and empowering leaders, strategic development, ability to behave well/strategically under pressure, a strong sense of self-awareness, and resiliency.

I have effective social networking skills, which are crucial for church growth in today’s environment.

I can be counted on to love my congregation. They know that I genuinely care about, and for, them. I challenge the congregation to grow deeper spiritually. I inspire and empower the congregation to do what it takes to reach new people and impact the community and world.

Leadership Style

I believe that there is little more important to the spiritual and numerical growth and impact of a congregation than its pastoral leader and leadership team. I take seriously my role of being the key leader in guiding the congregation to form, articulate, champion, and implement their mission/vision. I believe that all people are called to participate in ministry and easily engage people. I am able to delegate and let go, especially when I feel something is in competent hands. I constantly and consistently point people toward our vision. Working as part of a leadership team energizes me.

I take seriously my role as head of staff. I know how to, and have evidenced, an ability to form a staff team around the mission and vision of the church. I inspire staff to take risks and try new things – offering them support, help and encouragement when they do so.


My entire family lives in Duluth – including my 99 year old grandmother; my parents; a brother who is co-president of Amsoil, his wife (a writer) and daughter/son-in-law; a brother who is Chief of Police in Superior Wisconsin, his wife (a teacher) and two sons ages 7 and 13 (whom I am deeply invested in); and a miniature long-haired dachshund.




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