The Organs of FUMC

Jaeckel - CoppertopJaeckel Organ, Op. 33

Two Manuals, 5 ranks, 280 pipes

First United Methodist’s beautiful Three Brothers Chapel houses an equally beautiful pipe organ built by Daniel Jaeckel, one of the most respected pipe organ builders in America whose shop is located in Duluth, MN. Installed in 1995, this mechanical action (“tracker”) organ adds quality and vitality to various services that are held in the Chapel. Some of the details of this organ are:

All key and stop actions are mechanically linked. The pedal keyboard shares stops with either manual through couplers.

  • The organ is self-contained with pipes, keyboards, blower and mechanisms all housed in one case.
  • The organ case is constructed of solid red oak finished to match the wood in the Chapel.
  • The organ is built on casters so that it can be moved to other areas of the church.
  • The tuning scheme (temperament) used is from J.G. Neidhardt (1685-1739).
  • Manual natural keys are of bone, sharps are of grenadilla. Stop knobs are of rosewood with inserted, hand lettered porcelain nameplates.
  • Builders of the organ: Dan Jaeckel, David Rollin, Frank Mehle, Dean Hauge, John Thoennes, Peter Pestalozzi, Todd Caine and Kirk Jaeckel.
  • The organ was dedicated on December 17, 1995 in a celebratory service led by organist David Tryggestad, oboist Jeanette Paulson, cellist Rebecca Donahue and violist Kevin Peterson.
  • The organ committee included Allen Anway, Carol Donahue, Gene and Betty Halverson, Richard and Linda Peterson and David Rollin.

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3268788201_c7daee9a72_oAustin Organ

3 manuals, 55 ranks, 2,817 pipes

The Austin organ at First United Methodist Church was designed as an integral part of the sanctuary. The main organ was installed in 1968 and consists of 47 ranks of pipes located in one chamber directly in back of the balcony. An antiphonal division of 8 ranks was subsequently installed in 1982 in the chancel area. Two identical consoles allow the organ to be played from either the balcony or the chancel.

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