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First Family—Printed and Online

July 27, 2023

The September edition of First Family has been printed and delivered to your homes. But the online versionalso exists on this website… and it’s in full color with all the links clickable. You can also find years of First Family, archived if you like exploring. If you still haven’t seen the August issue, click here.

Upcoming Worship

May 30, 2023

A Look at Worship in September

There are three ways to participate in worship this fall:
• 10am, live in our Sanctuary on Sundays (we hope you choose this one when you can—there is something wonderful about being in person with others, and you get a doughnut and coffee)
• 10am livestream service on Sundays as worship is taking place
• Anytime afterwards on YouTube. Please make worship a soul destination this year!

September 3 – Holy Communion. We will pray for students, teachers, and staff beginning school. Geoff Bell will lead us in a sermon titled “MaryAnne Is About to Lie to Us, or Is She? – Ours Is a Welcoming Table.”

September 10 – Kick-Off Sunday. We will continue our sermon series with “Spiritual Guides – Looking to Jonathan.” Sunday School begins. Many of our music groups will participate. Doughnuts and ice cream treats following worship.

September 17 – Our sermon series continues with Spiritual Guides – Looking to Abraham.”

September 24 – The sermon series this week continues with “Spiritual Guides – Looking to Nehemiah.”

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