The Ardath Gibson Scholarship

October 29, 2018


Ardath Gibson (1915-2012) was a long-time member of the United Methodist Church and of First United Methodist Church, Duluth. As a trail-blazer in many ways, including being a graduate of the Minneapolis Business College, Ardath believed in the importance of education. Her concomitant interest in business and the sciences led her to endow a scholarship for students in these areas.

Purpose and Guidelines

The purpose of the Ardath Gibson Scholarship is to support students who are members of, or whose family is a member of First United Methodist Church with a $1000 scholarship. The student must be pursuing undergraduate or graduate education in health care, physical sciences, or business. The Gibson Scholarship Committee have discretion in deciding whether the studies a student is pursuing meet these criteria. Students applying for the scholarship must have a 3.0 or above GPA from their high school if they are applying for their freshman year, or from the college, university or graduate school if they are more advanced. The decision of the committee is final.

Applicants must complete this application form and return it, along with the required documentation to the Ardath Gibson Scholarship Committee at First United Methodist Church by the end of the business day on Friday, November 23, 2018. Applications may also be filled out and submitted by email. Emailed forms and materials must be time stamped no later than 12:59pm on November 23. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. We anticipate awarding the scholarship by the end of the year.

Download or fill and submit the scholarship form.   GibsonForm19