Coppertop Sermons

Mark 14-16

Mark 14:1-2: All Jesus’ talk and healing work, all his controversies with the authorities, especially in Jerusalem, have gotten him into trouble. Mark has already indicated (3:6, and others) that they were looking for a way to arrest Jesus. They fear doing so during the religious festival. Mark builds on the sense

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Mark 13

Before proceeding with commentary on Mark 13, I would like to reprint some of the remarks made prior to similar material in Matthew. Then I would like to add just a bit.

The Destruction of the Temple: In 66 CE, a massive Jewish revolt against Rome was launched, and for awhile it

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Mark 11-12

Mark 11:1-11: Jesus is now entering Jerusalem. Much of the material in chapters 11-15 was used by Matthew in his account of Jesus arrival in Jerusalem, trial and death. I will, then, be repeating some of the comments I made about those passages here. Entry processions were important occasions during the time of

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Mark 8-10

Mark 8:1-10: Please see comments on Mark 6:30-44. The themes in this story are similar to the feeding of the 5,000. However, it is interesting to note that Mark seems to locate this feeding miracle in a Gentile region. Matthew, who also tells this story does not locate it in the same way.

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Mark 6-7

Mark 6:1-6: Jesus returns to his hometown of Nazareth and goes to teach in the synagogue. People are astounded by his teaching, but then begin to ask irrelevant questions. Yes, his teaching is superb. Yes, we have heard about his wonderful work. But isn’t he that local kid – Mary’s son? Don’t we

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