At the heart of the area

Centrally located on Duluth’s Skyline Parkway, “the Coppertop” is a regional landmark visible from land and lake. Duluth is a long, narrow city at the tip of Lake Superior, with a 600-foot elevation change between lake level and the airport at the top of the hill. The distinctive First United Methodist Church building, with its copper roof, sits on the edge of this drop, once the shoreline of glacial Lake Duluth. Locals and visitors alike use the church as a landmark.

At the midpoint of the city, the Coppertop is a meeting place for police cars and floral delivery trucks. When the moon is full over Lake Superior, photographers line the edge of parking lot for shots of the lake, the city, and the aerial lift bridge below. Travelers on the Lake Superior Circle Route stop to admire the gardens and the long view. Sailors on the Great Lake spot the Coppertop as their first glimpse of the city ahead.

Our building stands out, and that is wonderful. But we want to be known for our building and our love.

This is the place where once a month you can get some food shared with care and kindness. This is the place where people reach out to mentor. This is the place where if you are having a bad day, there is someone to listen and help. This is the place that will welcome you.

We want to make Jesus more real through the quality of our loving.