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Beginning with this entry, I plan to post the texts of my Sunday sermons on this web site. I will use my other blog for an eclectic collection of thoughts, musings, and the like. Thanks for reading.

This sermon was preached November 23. The Scripture text for the morning was Matthew 25:31-46

Someone sent

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Sometimes melancholy leaves me breathless.

melancholy leaves me breathless.

 Mary Oliver, “Sometimes” in Red Bird

As she so often does, Mary Oliver speaks truth, but why would anyone want to read such truth? I read it because it is good to know that one’s feelings of sadness are shared by others, that the melancholy which leaves

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Thich, Tillich and Dorothee, too

“Submission, obedience and other such terms have never been my favorite theological or spiritual concepts. Perhaps there is something of the spirit of Euripides in me. “The wisest men follow their own direction and listen to no prophet guiding them” (quoted by Anthony Storr in Feet of Clay). One of my favorite scenes from Monty

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