Coppertop Sermons

Only the Lonely

Sermon preached May 24, 2009

Texts: Psalm 88 (The Message); I Kings 19:1-13a; Mark 1:35-39

There is a red box in the atrium in which you can place suggestions for sermons. One of the suggestions in the box asks about what we might read that could be helpful, and while I am preaching today

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Uno Dos Tres

Sermon preached May 17, 2009

Text: John 15:9-17

I want to begin this morning with a confession. I sometimes search the internet for humor to incorporate into my sermons. Searching the internet has its associated risks. For instance searching the internet for information about pasties might lead you to recipes for Cornish meat pastries or

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Choosey People

Sermon preached May 10, 2009 (Confirmation, Mother’s Day)

Texts: I John 4:7-21; John 15:1-8

A Mom asks her son who has just rushed in from school, “Do you want dinner?” “What are my choices?” he asks. “Yes or no,” replies his mother. The comedian Buddy Hackett used to say that his family menu when

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The Gospel According to Elton John

Sermon preached May 3, 2009

Texts: Acts 4:5-12; I John 3:16-24

Last week I asked you about a singer, Susan Boyle, and many of you knew who she was – the woman who has gained fame from the YouTube broadcast of her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent. So this week I am going to

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