Coppertop Sermons

Sing a Song

Sermon preached April 18, 2010

Text: Acts 9:1-20

I had great dinner companions on Wednesday night. I was seated at a table with Libby and her son Tommy, with Josh and Josie, and with Bob. At one point in Tommy began looking through a hole in his cracker and I said something about “looking

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What’s The Point

Sermon preached April 11, 2010

Texts: John 20:19-31

In a wonderful bit of television metanarrative, Jerry and George, on the television show “Seinfeld” are meeting with television executives from NBC to pitch an idea for a television show based on the person Jerry Seinfeld. George, as he sometimes does, has an idea stuck in

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Take a Sad Song And

Sermon preached Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010

Text: Luke 24:1-12

There are a number of people who have been here a long time this morning and I really appreciate them all – those who worked with the breakfast, musicians, others. Thank you. Some have already heard the sermon I am about to preach, though they

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God Wants Us

Sermon preached Good Friday, April 2, 2010

Minnesota theologian Colleen Carpenter Cullinan writes in her book Redeeming the Story: When I was growing up, I had never understood why they had called the day of Jesus’ death “Good Friday.” What on earth was good about it? (149) Perhaps we all might wonder that. This is

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The Choice is Always Ours

Sermon preached Maundy Thursday, April 1, 2010

I would like to begin with a poem. Remember, it is still Lent, a time for difficult disciplines! Of course, I am teasing about this. I know that some of you really appreciate poetry, though not all, but anyway, here goes. This is a poem I have read

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