Coppertop Sermons

You Can’t Go Home Again

Sermon preached December 26, 2010

Text: Matthew 2:13-23

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you were with people you enjoy. I hope the food was good. I hope you gave a gift someone really appreciated and that you received something that brought some joy to you.
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Blue Christmas

Sermon preached on Christmas Eve

Texts: Isaiah 9:2-7; Isaiah 63:7-9; Luke 2:1-20

Christmas music. I am going to begin this sermon and Sunday’s sermon with Christmas music stories.
At our house, Christmas music season begins November 1, and there is some history there. Julie really enjoys Christmas music, and that love has been

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Urgent Advent

Sermon preached December 19, 2010

Texts: James 5:7-10

This morning I want to begin with two items from this past week’s newspaper, and I have a power point slide for one. A postal worker in the small town of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, eight miles north of Milwaukee, was arrested at the North Shore Post

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I did not preach on December 12. It was our children’s and youth Christmas program. Next sermon post will be sometime after December 19.

Ain’t That Peculiar

Sermon Preached the Second Sunday in Advent, December 5, 2010

Texts: Matthew 3:1-12

Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Lion have the Emerald City in their sights, just across a field of flowers. Unfortunately, the flowers put Toto, the Lion and Dorothy to sleep. A spell cast by the Wicked Witch of

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