Coppertop Sermons

Mything the Point

Sermon preached July 21, 2013

Texts: Genesis 1:1-8, 24-31; 2:1-9, 18-25; John 1:1-18

A frog sits on a log in a swamp singing a song called “The Rainbow Connection.” As the song is ending, up paddles a canoeist. “Help, help. This is a serious call for help. Someone help.” He comes upon the frog. “I

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Rocket’s Red Glare

Sermon preached July 7, 2013

Texts: Joshua 8:18-29; II Samuel 8:1-2; Isaiah 2:2-4; Matthew 5:9, 38-48

Thanks to some friends from church here, Julie and I were able to have a front row seat at Duluth’s July 4 fireworks. It is really pretty amazing what some creative minds can do with chemical compounds and

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