Coppertop Sermons

TMI or Is Ignorance Bliss?

Sermon preached August 25, 2013

Texts: II Peter 2:15-22; Romans 2:12-16

I think I have told you that I am sometimes reticent to tell people with whom I am flying that I am a pastor. The reactions can be fascinating. “Oh, you’re a pastor! What do you think about what our pastor did recently?”

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George Michael Says… (A Meaningful Life – Faith)

Sermon preached August 11, 2013

Texts: Hebrews 11:1-3; Luke 12:32-40

Play George Michael “Faith.”


I am trying to update my musical examples a little. This song is from 1987. I am working my way to the twenty-first century!
The song’s lyrics may leave you wondering just a bit. It is

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A Meaningful Life: Not How Much, How Well

Sermon preached August 4, 2013
First United Methodist Church, Duluth

Texts: Colossians 3:1-11; Luke 12: 13-21

Play “Money, That’s What I Want.” Barrett Strong
That’s a song most of us could sing with a great deal of feeling, don’t you think? My first job was as a golf caddy at Northland Country

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Sticky Taffy Sermon

Sermon preached July 28, 2013

Texts: Romans 8:31-39

I guess when you take requests for sermons, as I have this summer, you should be ready for surprises. In the sermon suggestion box earlier this summer I discovered a piece of candy. Kind of unusual – then I found the accompanying sermon suggestion. “Relate how

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