Coppertop Sermons

Crazy Like a Fox

Sermon preached September 22, 2013

Texts: Luke 16:1-9

Last weekend, we watched a very entertaining movie starring Matthew McConaughey entitled “The Lincoln Lawyer.” The movie is based upon novels written by Michael Connelly. McConaughey plays Mickey Haller “L.A.’s top criminal defense lawyer – a fast-living, freewheeling pro who does business out of the back seat

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Where Have You Been?

Sermon preached September 15, 2013

Texts: Luke 15:1-10

John Sebastian “Welcome Back”

This summer I preached a series of sermons on “sticky Scriptures,” Biblical texts suggested by you, texts that were problematic in one way or another. So with this sermon it would seem I am starting a series of snotty sermons. Doesn’t

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The Gospel According to Phil

Sermon preached September 8, 2013

Texts: Philemon 1-22

Lucille Ball Museum Jamestown, NY

Garfield Memorial Cleveland

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