Coppertop Sermons

Through It All

  Sermon preached May 25, 2014

            One of my favorite movies turns twenty next year.  Mr. Holland’s Opus is a movie about a music teacher, and we follow him through his career.  In one memorable scene, Mr. Holland attends the funeral of a former student killed in Vietnam, and we

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That’s Life

Sermon preached May 11, 2014, Confirmation Sunday

Texts: Acts 2:42-47; John 10:1-10

            Frank Sinatra, “That’s Life”:

            I thought I would begin by playing something that I was sure was on the ipods of all these fine young men being confirmed today.  Do you know who

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Sermon preached May 4, 2014

Texts: Luke 24:13-35

            Bread, “If”  O.K. so this song just sounds like the 1970s.  This song evokes both warmth and terror.  It was the kind of song you dreamed of dancing to with that cute girl from your math class, and the kind

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