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Our First Family

Meet our First Family, the heart of the Coppertop.

New in the gallery: Slides from “What a Wonderful World,” shown with Strikepoint’s anthem April 19.

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Find your fit at First

There is a place in our church for you. New to the community? Come check us out. Haven’t been inside a church for years? Take a chance on us. Come experience God’s love in our welcoming community of faith.

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Rubys w David

Ruby’s Pantry

Need to stretch your food dollars?  Ruby’s Pantry-Coppertop has been distributing food at First United Methodist on the third Thursday of the month since 2010. Volunteers are always welcome.

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Chuck Knows Church

Did you attend Confirmation classes when you were young? And do you know why we confirm young people in the church? Chuck tries to confirm his reservation as he talks about Confirmation.