Upcoming Worship

May 30, 2023

A Look at Worship in September

There are three ways to participate in worship this fall:
• 10am, live in our Sanctuary on Sundays (we hope you choose this one when you can—there is something wonderful about being in person with others, and you get a doughnut and coffee)
• 10am livestream service on Sundays as worship is taking place
• Anytime afterwards on YouTube. Please make worship a soul destination this year!

September 3 – Holy Communion. We will pray for students, teachers, and staff beginning school. Geoff Bell will lead us in a sermon titled “MaryAnne Is About to Lie to Us, or Is She? – Ours Is a Welcoming Table.”

September 10 – Kick-Off Sunday. We will continue our sermon series with “Spiritual Guides – Looking to Jonathan.” Sunday School begins. Many of our music groups will participate. Doughnuts and ice cream treats following worship.

September 17 – Our sermon series continues with Spiritual Guides – Looking to Abraham.”

September 24 – The sermon series this week continues with “Spiritual Guides – Looking to Nehemiah.”

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